Landscape Architectural Design:
The enjoyment of a beautiful landscape starts with an idea, becomes a concept, and is first visualized by a landscape architect. At Rainbow Landscape Design, our landscape architect combines creativity and functionality to make sure every detail is just right. Whether you need a simple sketch or a comprehensive landscape plan, we deliver a distinctive design to fit your needs, wants, and desires.

Landscape Installation:
Our landscape installations start with careful planning prior to installation. Our people review your project to plan out the steps required to deliver a successful product. This includes hand-picking the plant material, site preparation, installing the landscape, and cleaning up the work site.

Pool Construction:
Through our sister company, Olympic Atlanta Pools, we provide custom pools and spas of distinction. Our talents and expertise provide our clients with their private paradise! For more information, call us at 770-426-5443.

Hardscapes, such as walls, walkways, and water features are an integral part of the landscape design. Incorporating such aspects of the hardscape and softscape (plants) glorify the harmony between the two. This creates a pallet for aesthetic and functional year round beauty.

Proper water management is a key element in your landscape. Rainbow Landscape Design, Inc. has a strong commitment to balance the irrigation needs of your property with the need to conserve one of our most precious resources. We provide irrigation design, installation, and maintenance using only the highest quality parts and knowledgeable service technicians.